Tuesday, February 10, 2009

music is love, music is life, i love my life...

thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all your responses on my last blog. it was very overwhelming and i am so glad to have ur support. there was a comment that i appreciated but was a little taken aback because it stated that i had said something of great arrogance. i just wanted to apologize if i came off as arrogant or cocky about my music and talent through my last blog. frustration can make it hard for me to come out with what i really wanna say. but never have i thought i was the sh*t or been full of myself especially when it comes to my music. that is one thing that ticks me off the most when i see that in an artist or any musician... if i see this quality in them it shuts the door for me to listen to their music with an open mind. i know it should be ALL about the music, but one must be humble and thankful for the talents they have received and use them in a positive way. i definitely came into berklee knowing that i should realize who i'm better than, who is as good as me, and who is better than me.

anyway, after all that frustration from the last blog... i am beginning to feel better. other than finding out that i was the #1 acoustic artist in California on myspace (thanks to all of you guys!!!), i saw the song "Showstopper" becoming a hit on YouTube, with more than 17 covers already, one including hchsknights08... who is my good friend Alyssa Bernal... who also happens to be a YouTube celebrity with more than 93,000 subscribers and with one of her videos playing on CBS during the grammys. this video has helped this song become even more heard throughout the world, yes the world because youtube is a worldwide thing, and thus causing me to release the song on my myspace ASAP.

remember i told you guys that i recorded in San Diego with my friend Clint and Jesse Barrera? well, Clint just got done mixing the tracks and it sounds unbelievable. i dont know if you have ever felt this, but today before i walked to school i quickly downloaded the files that Clint sent me and put them on my iPod.... i listened on the way to school, and was almost in tears, and im being serious, no homo or anything, but really... it was overwhelming knowing i had created music that i know touches people's hearts... but i didn't wanna cry because i thought it was the BEST or anything like that, it was cuz it actually hit me that maybe one day soon-- i might be living my dream.

the other day i watched "Windstruck" with my friend Angel (fallenxangel) who lives about 10 minutes away. it was about a woman police officer who meets her true love in an odd way, and ends up losing him during a mission. he said, before he died that if ever he were to leave this Earth for any reason, to think of the wind as him and if she felt the wind, it would be his presence. now i know this sounds crazy but i feel like my dad (RIP) left me with nothing but music, and so every time i create a piece of music, i feel his presence. especially when i know i did my best and worked hard a song. and today i felt that. walking on the way to school today-- it was as if he were right there walking next to me telling me that it was awesome, and that showstopper was a fun track, and that my songwriting is getting better. and that he loves me, and that he's proud of me.

what an awesome gift he has left me. even though it's gonna be so hard in the road ahead to become a professional musician and to reach my goal, i started this whole music thing because it was given to me by my father. i practiced because i wanted to be better. now i create music not only to make him proud, but most of all to touch other people's lives-- just like how my father touched mine. i hope my music can inspire you, i can't even begin to tell you how touched i am reading the messages i get saying that they picked up a guitar because of me, or that they wrote a song after watching one of my videos, or that they wish they had friends like mine (my friends are awesome and are the ones who help keep me grounded). i can't thank you guys enough for all the support. it's finally coming true, all cuz of all of YOU.

i am humbled.

i decided to share my gift of music with a few people here at Berklee by making them a part of it-- here's my new band playing Showstopper. AJ Rafael and the ... (name in progress)



vahneszah said...

yeeeah first comment(:

first comment right? LOL

anyways I'm glad to hear all is well & keep it up AJ, your talent shouldn't go to waste & your name is gonna be big..i mean bigger than it already is LOL kbye(:

Julie said...

AJ, first off your music is already inspirational to me and others. Now your writing makes me want to achieve more out of life. Im glad to hear that everything is going well for you and i'm excited to hear that song that your friend mixed!!

btw, windstruck is an awesome movie!

Anonymous said...

you're amazing, AJ. (:

Rachel Jean said...

aaaaawwww aj :]

dionne said...

ive been reading your blog since ive known you had this but never really commented.

anyways, you are an inspiration to many aj. just keep doing your thing and you'll eventually fulfill your dreams. we support you all the way. im actually thinking of getting an uke after watching your tutorial video. i just hope that someday i can watch one of your live performances. Come to the Philippines! you have a growing fan base here.

-dionne(deeyawn on blogtv)

Loris Saprid. said...

you're amazing. not only do i become inspired by your music but your humility is something i honestly admire. deja vu, i felt like i've said that before, but there's nothing wrong about repeating facts. (: i can't wait to see you reach the top. this really is your year. YOURS. & i know we've always said that we'd meet soon, but i always happen to miss you whenever you're in california. wompwomp. even the feel the beat show. maybe someday we can just hang out! fsho. until then, keep doing what you love. God bless. He has an AWESOME plan for you. <3

<3, loris. [btv=heyitsloris; probably the only loris you'll ever know.]

Michelle Kuo said...

That's great that your feeling so much better :) I think your dad would be so extremely proud of you for going so far into music, and becoming an inspiration for many.

Including me! Well, I actually started to try learning the guitar last summer because like you, I'm very into music. I only learned a couple of chords, but before I knew it, high school started, leaving me very little time to progress.

Even though I was able to buy a guitar, I barely used it. But then I found your youtube channel, and I wasn't just inspired by your original songs--I was inspired by how dedicated you are to music and how you have been able to master the piano AND guitar AND ukelele. I'll have you know that the very first SONG I attempted to play on the guitar was "My Soldier" when I found it on your myspace. Thanks for inspiring me to follow my passion too.

Dylan. said...

aj youre just the most awesome person.
ive been a fan for a while, and ive been following your blog too.

coincidentally, ive wanted to go to berkelee for college, so it was really nice for me to find out youre attending, and to bits and pieces of what goes on there from your blog, from the viewpoint of a singer-songwriter i admire.

anyway, im glad youre in a better mood,
and i just wanted to say how much better you are a musician overtime. youre really growing.

im always a huge fan, keep making music! =]


jaaayna said...

aw yayy! glad you're feeling better! i know how to play a few of your songs on the guitar, and i've been wanting to cover a song. but it's in progress. haha, don't stop making music. you inspire lots of people. you're amazing <3

CHOBiE said...

you ARE living the dream, AJ..

genesis gregorio said...

aww aj, =].

love the video!

your dad is definitely proud of you,
and thank YOU for giving us, the crowd, MUSIC.

and dude aj... without you in my life...

i wouldnt have a tattoo of your face, on my face. :)

abbyybba said...

AJ, I'm really glad that things are brightening up now. I know you've heard this before, but you really are an inspiration to not just people back home, but people from different parts of the world who has recognized your music and inspired them to pick up an instrument and play. I mean really, your music has definitely touched my heart, and what can I say...that's real music my heart felt. You definitely delivered your best, and you have a whole life to do what you can to be a professional musician. Takes time and patience to get through, and in the end of it all, you'll get what you deserve. I know your father would be more than happy for it as he is now.

Plenty of support from yours truly from Los Angeles. I'm definitely going to read your blogs often. I hope to see you at the FEEL THE BEAT show on the 20th. I'd like to finally see you play live!

Losts of love from me.

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

A couple of years back, I watched Windstruck too! I loved that movie!

You're my inspiration AJ! <33

hooby said...

AJ and the... Showstoppers? xD teehee jk.
But I think you're well on your way to fulfilling your dreams.. your fans and supporters I think are those who not only love your music, but you as a person. The way you view things and how you approach life attracts all kinds of people. ^_^ .. Idk what to say to end this comment, because everything I try sounds corny and cliche xD so..

Hannah said...

hi! i know a bunch of people have
already said a bunch of good stuff,
but it really is true. you really are an inspiration and blessing to alot of people.
i know your talent will get you at the top (:


Anonymous said...

AJ, you are great.
I can only see a wonderful future filled with music ahead of you. [: I know your dad is proud of you, and all of us are thankful to have you fill our lives with genuine music.

You truly are inspiring and someone that I look up to as both a musician and a person, because of how talented, strong, and humble you are.

I am REALLY excited to get a hold of the finished product of the San Diego recordings. Um, special release to the San Diegans? *hinthint* hahaha!

And PLEASE tell me you're bringing your band to the west coast. It'd be bomb to see all of you guys live together. [:

Love ya!

cheryl said...

aj! I can't wait sor the new stuff coming out on iTunes! I know it will be uh-mazing. fa'sho.
( ohh and I love my sassy girl & windstruck! 2 of my favorite movies!)

You have amazing things ahead of you aj. i know it. So many people are inspired by your music, (including me!!!) just keep doing what you do :D
Love, Cheryl

Maureeeeeeeen (; said...

Ohmann. I saw part of Windstruck. It was that japanese movie? I don't remember. Lol.
Well, one day you'll faasho be famous(: Your famous to me. I'm hoping to see you playing in NYC the day before my birthday<3
(: your very talented(:

Leigh Ann said...

1. I love your music
2. you have an AMAZING VOICE
3. When im having a bad day i think a song you sang or one you did with mark and albert and it gets me through the day, your musi
4. I love the trios with you,mark and albert...

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, your music is what keeps me through and pushing everyday

Anonymous said...

You're doing big things this year and I'm so proud of you. You've inspired me so much since I've started to listen to you. I've started to sing more, and do more things musically than I ever did before. (IE; try out for choirs, musicals,etc @school) I'm so glad things are getting better for you. You've got talent, & you're making something out of it. Giving everything your all, and doing the best you can. That's all that we as your fans ask for, and that's all you've given us. You pour your heart and soul into your music. Without your music, I don't know what I would listen to every morning when I wake up to get my day going, or what I would listen to every night before bed, to end my day. You've inspired me & many others. Keep it up! Love you,AJ!=)


Seph said...

...ahhh...i guess i was the meanie that posted that comment before. I'm glad you addressed it though and cleared the air.I'm also glad things are looking alittle better and your soon going to be on itunes (showstopper going to be on itunes?....because that would be awesome)

dont hate me. lol *going to hide now.*

-the one who sometimes dispenses tough love.


angel said...

everyone can just tell you're so focused on your dreams & when you do that you just can't go wrong. and we're human, frustration is something we're prone to feel. and i'm glad you overcame it with more strength than before =] everything you're doing will always be inspirational and i'm thankful that me myself has been deeeply touched and inspired by you with music, life and everything. everybody is proud of you aj <33333

and freaking genesis... hahaha

B.Balinn. said...

awesome. im happy to see that you are the road to living your dream. your dad although i dont know him would definitiely be proud of you and your keeping him alive everytime you play a song and/ or sing one. hes always gonna be around all you have to do is make music. i hope you make it big and stay humble, which, with no doubt in my mid, you will. much love b.b.

Michelle said...

hey aj :)

been following since blog #1! :) haha just wanted to tell you how much hope you give me. I love reading how far you're getting with music, I remember first seeing you playing a Meg and Dia medley on the piano, and now you're bigger than you think :P I love how you're humble of this talent you have, and how you want to touch people's hearts with your music. I think it's a great reason to make music and do what you do, and it INSPIRES me to do the same.

and also, you're freaking smart. With your new sets of video series and medleys, you're taking yourself to fame. :) You tend to beat a lot of people to covers *cough cough hahaha! x]


-from an aspiring band, mourningsunshine

nessarica said...

=) i love being apart of your life. you continue to amaze me even with everything thrown at you, you still thrive to be better because you can!

i love you... and miss you ALOT.

see you soon babe

Ayesha said...

I fell in love with you last year, i hope that doesnt sound super wierd dw im also in love with jack johnson and orlando bloom :). You rock though. Check out my blogspot :D
Keep doing what your doing because maaaann your sensational x

Mo Kit said...

eyooo, aj, it's cindy. came upon your blog and i'd have to say, you're great with your music. it's a growing process, man, and as long as you keep your head up and keep plugging forward, you'll get to your destination. btw, loving the new band. :)

Anonymous said...

woow thats totally weird cuz i just realized that i was just going thru that 'frustration' phase too like last month because im in school taking hairstyling and my instructor was totally being a douche BUT point being was that i was stressing out about how behind i was and while my instructor was giving me such a hard time i just didn't kno if i wanted to put up w/ it anymore so in my mind all i wanted to do was give up, thinking maybe all of this wasn't even worth it but i knew that i came so far why throw it away? besides i knew that i was definitely going to become a hairstylist one day so why should i stop now right? there just isn't anything else i could picture myself doing for the rest of my life but this.

seeing how much your dad influenced you with your music, i think is an awesome thing. my dad also past away just at the end of '07 and he wasn't so much of a musician but growing up my dad was a DJ, so i also grew up knowing a bit of music. he also was the one that pushed me to take piano lessons since i was 10 it was an on and off thing and finally discontinued wen i was 14 (i TOTALLY regret it now since listening to your music lol). to be honest ... i have no words to describe the kind of talent that you have but you leave so many people in awe .. NO DOUBT! never lose sight of what makes you love music so much .. sometimes you need the rough side of life to show you its true meaning.

sophianerarie said...

hey aj!
you wrote a very touhcing blog!..
I loved reading it ( i love reading all your blogs btw) your music inspires so many people! an that is awsome! It also inspires me a lot to do my music! and because of you (and your tutorial) I decided to buy a uke
and i'm now waiting for it to come!
The first thing i'm gonna learn is your song ^^
always believe in yourself!
I love you!!!!

kahtreenah said...

glad to hear you're doing better. dont you just love My Sassy Girl? its such a good movie! hahaha did you watch the Korean version or the American? mm... haha anyway, cant wait for more of your songs to be put out :)


Ann said...

the section about your dad (RIP), that was very touching. really. i don't know what to say. but i do know that..callbacks or not.. he'd be very proud of you anyway.

keep doin your thang, aj. cause who knows.. maybe your dream isnt as far as you think it is :)

Madison Ott said...

This song is great!

I can't wait for your next youtube video and you have a great voice.

Amy said...

aw, i'm very happy to hear that you're feeling better!!!

and seriously, your entire being is just so inspirational! your music, your personality, and your spirit! watching your videos and listening to your music really did inspire me to pick up the guitar again. (i got extemely frustrated with it and my fingers were always sore after xD)

ANYWAY, keep it up! your videos and blogs just make my day :)


Anonymous said...

keep your chin up, aj, youre so talented!

im so SO excited for your show in new york, i hope i get to meet you :)

keviiin said...

hey AJ, keep your head up. It's THEIR loss if they cant see the talent in you. Everyone gets frustrated at times and it's okay, hang in their and keep doing what you do best. =)

Anonymous said...

You are gonna make it big AJ! your so amazing and i'm one of the people whos heart uve touched and i juss wanna say THANK YOU. from the bottom of my heart THANKS. Thank you for sharing this amazing gift you have. I pray to god you make it one day AJ cuz i can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you. I really hope you can make it to the UK some day. I'll wait for that day. I love you! <3

ponoono said...

here is a random thought.. music is supposed to be just background right?
however you are setting up, the instruments are drowning out your voice, because the instruments are between you and the mic... is that happening at the call backs too?

you have a great voice but i think people are having trouble hearing it!

think "big voice" think "lead singer"

ask mr leong !


(he can barely speak english by the way!)

michelletracey said...

I wanted to leave you a comment the other day on your other blog..

that regardless of the non-progress you're feeling at Berklee you should just work hard at all you do while you're there and stick through it. idk if over there you're aspiring for a music degree or anything but maybe it's not about shining over there, its about the work ethic you put in all you do.. so just keep working hard and in the end you'll make it. it may take years but u can do it okay this is long. bye! :]

pen_and_pencils said...

just want to tell you that you are amazing... and that it is so true when you said your music is heard throughout the world =) cause I am from Hong Kong, China... and your songs are at the top my playlist!!! you've touched my heart =)

mayhem said...

Yo man, biggups. I have some suggestions for band names.

Aj and the Jets
Aj and the Jestsons
Aj and the Adjacent Triangles
Aj and the Triangles
Aj and the Adj (adjectives)

Just throwin them out there.
Stop by my art blog.

Cheers and keep doing your thing.


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