Tuesday, February 24, 2009

feel the freakinBEAT

this weekend was ridiculous. couldn't believe that the event was sold out. i arrived in california on thursday night and hung out for a while. thank you to carissa for picking me up. skip a day, then saturday morning i went to justine's dance competition (ENCORE) and i am just so proud of her. she got 3rd place overall with her solo piece to "luck be a lady".

FRIDAY though, was pretty crazy. sound check was good, i met all the dance crews. FANNY PAK was SO FREAKIN NICE. i had already met one of the members back in the day at someone's house, Glenda, she is awesome. kaba modern, super cr3w, and world famous were all chillin. do-knock from super cr3w (john cruz) has been a homie for a while, and its awesome to see his success with his dance crew. i arrived a little late, so jeremy (passion), gabe, cathy and randolph were already there among others. i brought like 2 cars filled with people with me haha. we pretty much invaded the backstage area. VIP's came in after a couple of hours and that's when it really began. we all began signing pictures that people used hella ink on and guitars and polaroids, and took pictures with a bunch of them. there were like 20 people who paid for the VIP tickets.

the show was about to start, and i heard 5 of my very close friends were outside the venue because it had been SOLD OUT. thats when my heart dropped. everyone kept telling me it would sell out, but when we actually did, i tripped out. i broke some rules and got my friends in, and the show started. Gabe has the most power with a crowd i swear, he was walking on stage and the whole crowd went NUTS. he made a little movement to show that he was anxious while setting up for his set, and crowd went even more crazy. as he was singing "Forever" by Chris Brown, everyone got their cell phones out and i looked at Randolph and said "Look at this bro, we're actually playing for 1300 people with people like Gabe & Super Cr3w"" and Randolph looked at me and said "dude i could really cry right now" and we weren't joking. it was overwhelming.

everyone's set was amazing. i was very proud of Cathy and Randolph because i remember their first show ever... i got them to play at Clark Magnet High School in Glendale with me, and ever since then they have been improving and creating a connection with the audience every time and its really awesome to see them grow as artists. i went on, and signed a ukulele first thing on stage. really overwhelming feeling with all the noise in the audience and flashing lights.

i played and i didn't want it to be over. i dedicated my performance to my father, telling everyone that i wish he was here to watch me in the crowd, and i thanked them for watching me for those 13 minutes that i was on stage. i closed my set with Showstopper and i was followed by Kaba Modern, Passion, and Super Cr3w.

after the show, all of us went to the front where they were selling tickets, and the amount of people in that space had me taken aback. i could barely hear Gabe as we were walking through trying to figure out where to go. i had shirts pressed with PNOYAPPAREL and the V-Necks SOLD OUT. 100 v necks gone in 25 minutes. i couldn't believe it. RB, Roland, Kris, & Dusty were helping me out, and Gabe and Jeremy were on the side and we were all trying to talk to the screaming crowd to back up from the tables and to calm down because little girls were getting pushed and people couldn't get out. the security guards were being wack and NOT helping us out. it was kind of disappointing. all of the artists soon got pulled into the back because the people wouldn't calm down and they would have to pay more for the venue if they all stayed in past 10:30.

i know i can't officially speak on Gabe's, cathy's, randolph's, and jeremy's behalf, but i know we were all overwhelmed and just in awe to the turn out of this show. although jeremy and gabe have played for bigger audiences, this crowd was just full of love and we were all feelin it in the deepest way possible.

we are humbled and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your show of support and love for us as we try to spread our music to the world.

watch my performance here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYSG-Hlet1M and to watch the rest of the performances just search "feel the beat [artist name]" on youtube and a bunch will pop up.

i could cry thinking about "Feel the Beat". i am moved to "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE".

i just saw a mouse running around in the classroom i'm in. GREAT.

words can't express my gratitude. i am almost there-- representing all of us who were once on the bottom, for us who have had an experience that could have broken us but instead have let it MAKE US, for us who felt like they couldn't make a difference, for us who felt like our race would hold us back from being successful, for us who want to CHANGE THE WORLD.

i will get there.


Anonymous said...

first and foremost, i would like to say congratulations. congrats on making it thus far. you're extremely talented-- all of you are. and i am so proud of you guys. i believe with all of my heart that you guys are going to make it even bigger, and i couldn't be happier with the people that will put our race on the charts. you guys are wonderful.

i wish i could have gone to feel the beat. i know i definitely missed out on something so epic. i know there will be more to come (like fap in july). can't wait to witness those.

never doubt your talent and never doubt our support and love for you.

again, congrats aj.

<3 lots of love and support from sd!

i'm terrified of mice. just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

it's quite possible that I may move from SoCal to Boston this fall for school. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's great to know that Feel The Beat has been a successful for you guys. Good luck on your future performances.. I hope to meet you in San Jose, one day.. someday.

ciaraax said...

awwww, ANTHONY !
he was with me(:

that was such an amazing dayy<3

oh and thank you for taking that picture with me even when you weren't supposed to anymore<3(;


much love & support !
Loooooooove, Ciara(shara)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how lucky we all are that you even exist.
you are, without a doubt, one of the greatest sources of inspiration that I have had the honor to come across.
so, aj, in the deepest and fullest extent that this may possibly be said, thank you for the music.


jaaayna said...

congrats on your success! i wish i could've gone to that event. =]

and LOL at your mouse comment. it was all serious & inspiring, then it got to that and i just started laughing. HAHA!

cheryl said...

I was SO mad that I wasn't there. I was really sick and I couldn't really do anything. The whole time I was like "dang, I could be at feel the beat right now." But I'm happy it was a successful show :D I'm proud of how far you've come!

Oh and Pinoy Apparel v-necks? I want one! But 100 in 25 minutes?!? That's crazy, in the good way :D The show must've been so much fun. I really want to go to another one of your shows, it's always very entertaining. Hopefully I'll be at one soon!
Love, Cheryl

Jackie Ho said...

AJ whooooooo! feel the beat was epic! haha. yay! you dont even know how much you affect people with your music and talent. u are soo amazingg! and i believe that you can change the world someday. keep up the good work and cant wait to see you at raise the roof! =]

kristinejune said...

feel the beat was so great! but it was so packed in the end that i couldn't get close enough to even have you sign anything or take a picture with. your performance was awesome! hopefully next time i get to see you again in the future :)

Lindsey said...

I hope one day I'll be lucky enough to meet you, the greatest of my inspirations.

dionne said...

man, i wish you all could come here to perform for us.If only i could afford to book all of you for an event just to get you all here. =/

anyways, congratulations Aj(and gabe, cathy, jeremy and randolph!


Anonymous said...

Hey AJ. this is grace dang yellow [committee project of Feel the Beat] Honestly this experience really impacted me as well as probably majority of people who worked the show. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for performing and helping us out with the show. it's been a few days and we're still talking about how amazing it was and what a great and unforgettable night that was. I really do hope we ALL keep in touching and we're able to have a nice reunion the next time you come back. I promise you this night will never be forgotten but once again thank you for performing as well as really just supporting us while we were trying to get everything settled in. I wish you the best in your career. Keep it up. =)

yeeitscathy said...

oh aj,

i totally agree w/ you. feel the beat was so overwhelming & definitely a performance to remember.

you are not only one of my good friends that i adore but you are among one of the few musicians i look up to & that inspire me to be where i'm at today. randolph & i couldn't & wouldn't have been able to do it w/out your help, love & support, so on behalf of randolph, we thank you & love you aj! <33

love you so much!
& i'll see you again this weekend!


Isabel said...

you guys who gotta see AJ on this show are so friggin' lucky.
i live in friggin' Malaysia (WE DONT LIVE IN TREE HOUSES, WE HAVE PROPER HOUSES GUYS!=.=) which is sooo far away frm the US. dangg! i cant wait to study overseas, probably in the US.
anyways, OMG! rats in the classroom? doesnt it just freak you out?! gosh, EWW! it's so friggin' gross. well, ive seen rats a couple of times in the domestic room or in the school drain. YIKES!

peacelove n ally said...
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peacelove n ally said...

I think you should perform in Philly haha :). My school is having a huge Filipino conference and I would probaby explode if you played. I think you're amazing and inspiring and I wish you nothing but the best.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome; congratulations! =) Hope to come to one of your concerts in the new future. Best of luck!

sophianerarie said...

congrats on anything of feel the beat!! it sound so awsome~!!!! I'm reaally sad I wasn't their! I hope one day to meet my greatest inspiration or that i'll be in the US once... whenever I have money and that I can see one of your shows!
jaaaaaay a mouse that is sooooo coool :D:D love it =]
I'm sooo sure you are going to be big one day!
love you soooo much!

p.s I finally got my uke and the first thing I had to learn is your song =] you're a great teacher althought the strumming is hard... (it's the first thing I play)

Amy said...

i'm so very glad to hear that the show was AMAZING!!! i wish i could have been there but i'm quite happy for your success!

this whole blog just made me smile so much, because you truly do appreciate performing and the fans and WE APPRECIATE YOU<3

and don't worry, you ARE getting there! :)


PS- that random comment about the mouse made me chuckle xD

Klaudine Nicole. said...

erks at the mouse,

remember the time you wrote "the out of frustration" blog? and what we all wrote in there?

that better things will be coming ahead of you? feel the beat was one of them. so i do hope that you don't have a part two for that blog because your fans (who comes and YELLS for you at your shows, who loves you off, your youtube and blog lurkers, and everybody else) proves to everyone, and yourself that you're an amazing artist:)

and i know more opportunities will come your way and and in the way of the rest of the performers of FTB.

congratulations on your success :)

Anonymous said...

Haha the mouse thing was so random. If I were you I would've been outa that classroom the second I saw it.

Anyways ... You've really gotten far now that I think about it (yeah I know that's pretty messed up) I'm really proud of you AJ. A lot has happened in the last few months, and I'm really surprised right now. I can't wait to see more of you and your progress ;]

Again, I wish I was at feel the beat ... But then I had a whole buncha stuff going on that day. haha but it was great to hear your voice again ! I died ...

haha I miss you more than ever now. LMAO but I'll see you soon, I know it ....

Rheza Mae <3

yelly. said...

congrats aj for making it so far. you truly ARE representing for everyone (= shoot all of you guys are amazing.


Anonymous said...

Aww that's soo good! If I was at the concert I would have cried just seeing you there lol. Your so amazing and NO ONE deserves this more than you! Keep it up and yeah you will make it one day.
Love from the uk!

Andrea said...

goodness..You're amazing :) I wish i couldve gotten in to the concert, but I think I had it better than some of the kids in there.
I was the one who was out back with my other friend just waiting there and you sang My Soldier to me and her :) I was extatic (spell check), like you dont even know.
You are such an inspiration to me, pleeeaassee keep doing what you do. Love you lots, hope to see you again soon :D

fzlyn said...

you wil get there AJ.

Anonymous said...

i was one of the people that didnt get to see you play that night, maybe next time. but congrats on making it this far. keep up what you're doing. i know your dad is looking down at you and smiling. and probably saying "thats my son, im so proud of him" much love to you

Alyssa (: said...

glad you had a great time!
i'm going to FTB next time, hopefully i'll meet you someday! :D

cantaffordanikon said...

CONGRATS AJ on the turnout and performance, sounds like it was a really good show with all those amazing performers!! i was soo surprised and thrilled to see you that you have a blogspot!! anywhoo, im a real big fan!

if ever you're not busy, HOLLA!


andge said...

woohoooo ftb [: that night was great
& i got to meet you at school too
fun stuff

so on friday andrew + lydia performed at my school
& i've heard rumors you would to ..
please do :D
we'd love to have you. diamond bar needs aj rafael !