Saturday, January 10, 2009

tired and INSPIRED

i told you guys about recording in SD, and it was awesome. im going back monday but i got most of the stuff done. staying at jesse barrera's house for a couple of days was an awesome experience. jammin in the middle of the mornin, having breakfast at hash house, meeting all the family and friends, it was awesome. so whats it like hangin out with a rockstar? the same as hangin with a brother or best friend. so chill, no cockiness, no arrogance, just the same ol' vibe i get with all my close friends, it was so humbling and just DOPE.

special thanks to clint for recording me, and thanks for letting me hit it up one more day on monday. jesse, (myspace), is a talented songwriter and singer who is also in the band My American Heart. him and larry soliman started the band back when they were like 15. those are two filipino-americans who have successfully broke the barrier for the rock music scene. the last night i was in SD i chilled with larry, jesse, our good homie alan, and the girls gracie, michelle, and tin cagayat!

anyway, i had a show last night at Ocean Java, a coffee shop that Jesse's mom owns. and it was just awesome. met a lot of BlogTV people, a lot of fans, and a lot of new faces. it was so dope seeing so many people crammed up in the coffee shop (even though at times i know it must have been uncomfortable) but thank you to everyone who came. the adrian william project opened it up with 3 awesome songs and me and jesse were screamin like girls for em hahah. then yultron, then the kneehighs (a dope rap group), then alan ladan, who plays sickk jazz piano and did an old school R&B jam set. jesse went up and i sang "Sweet Time" with him, an original he wrote, and he did his set with alan on the keys and me occasionally. we sang our new song that we wrote on monday "She Was Mine" at the end of his set and i messed up on the words but its all good! hahah

my set was up, and i played Starlit Nights with Jesse, So Quiet, Something Happens, MidKnight, then hopped on the guitar to play Showstopper, How's San Diego Pauli-Johnny Rocket's, My Soldier, and then I Just Want You =] and that feeling when everyone is singing your songs is just unexplainable. thank you so much for that. jesse and i convinced larry earlier to sing with us, so the last song of the night was like a freakin dream come true man. we sang TIRED AND UNINSPIRED by MY AMERICAN HEART. larry (lead singer), freakin jesse (lead guitarist), and me, aj, who has been a fan of them for years. i remember buying their ALBUM in best buy with RB because i saw their "Process" music video. i never thought i'd be playing and singing a song with them. it was truly an inspiring moment for me.

so many people from moval/riverside came down, including cathy nguyen and christine concepcion, two of my favorite people to sing with, and my sister among others. the car ride there was me, my best friend rb, and kris l and cathy. and another car followed us with my other best friends dusty kris and fred with christine and jasmine. adrian william project and tabitha came from the valley too, and nicole, caroline, serena, and kim also making long drives. but special thanks to kelvin, elissa, and friends for coming out from freakin LA!!! ya'll are so awesome. =)

shoutouts to the BLOGTV people, genesis, goshnicole, rheza mae, huskyboydrew, sweetserenade, and many others. ya'll rock.

heres a video of the surprise encore performance of "Tired and Uninspired"


"search ocean java aj rafael" to look up all the videos from last night!


zatey said...

hello aj!
is "she was mine" your original song? its just dope!

genesis gregorio said...


this day will be unforgettable.

oh and yeah the pictures are up on the flickr site i sent to you

with 3 of them.
and stuff.


oh, and we made new enemies with the workers of Super Sergio's hahahah
next time in SD, lets go sing even louder. WE IS EVIL.

cheryl said...

Oh my, it sounds like I missed out on a wonderful show! I'm super-dupah sad that I missed you singing Something Happens!!!!!!!!
Next Time, I seriously need to be there. I miss hearing your beautiful voice :] <33

goshNICOLE said...


Ocean Java made me a bigger fan of yours, MAH, and the Adrian William Project. I didn't even think that was possible.

You gotta come back to San Diego for another show or just to chill. Hit me up when you do, yeah? [:

Love you!

Tere Ann said...

AJ! Hi :]

I watched some videos from the Ocean Java performance, good job! Glad to see you moving forward :]

Take caresss.

Mayrilene Jay said...

I listened to "She was mine" already (idk when was that music, prolly recently? 'scuse for being slow on your updates! boohoo.)

Jesse Barrera ft YOU!

The song is reaaaaaaally great that it made me sway & almost swoon.. haha. seriously. i danced to it....


Bailey said...

Wow... aj... I never thought I would run into you again until I searched for "Lucky" on YouTube to possibly use for my wedding and you popped up...!!!! I made an ass out of myself in front of complete strangers because I was so excited. I checked out your blog because I'm freaking nosy and I must say that I have never been so impressed by someone in my entire life. The way you have grown as a musician is amazing. Congrats my friend, and keep your head up. This is the start of something great for you. - Bailey

sophianerarie said...

I watched a few videos of this show and it's just awsome!
I hope to come in CA some time or even in whole America and see one of your awsome shows!

JOAN michel said...

aw i love that song " tired and uninspired ". my american heart is amazing. AJ you're amazing too =]

yelly. said...

i loooove my american heart! i did not know they were filipino-american though. that's pimp!

gosh when will your shows be in chicago?! haha.

sounds like you had a great show (=


Hannah said...

i wish i was there, but i love
"she was mine" !

you are so awesome, not gonna lie


angel said...

AJ, you rockkkkk =] and harddd haha

but i love knowing that you're doing all these exciting things

we must def chill when you're back in boston. i'm here finally =]

Clint said...

Yo AJ! Did you see Lydia Paek on America's Best Dance Crew?

They've got a chill picture on the blog site: