Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

i'm sorry i've been MIA. but today's a special day... well its about to be over but heres an email my Auntie Viol wrote about my father, her brother, that she sent to all our family. just so you guys have an idea about who he was, and how great of a legacy he left my family and i.

God’s blessings folks!,

Today is the Birthday of my beloved brother Arturo Sacramento Rafael, Jr. The name alone is great! King Arthur , .Sacramento, 7 Sacraments. which is very sacred, while Rafael, San Rafael, a saint, the archangel, the bearer of good news, the Healer in the Catholic faith.

Now, I fully understand why Junior was always surrounded by beautiful girls during his student days, because aside from his God-given musical talents, he had a gentle spirit and “muy caballero” and probably the girls looked at him as their knight like King Arthur, a 5th and 6th British Chieftain.

King Arthur. presided over the famous Round Table which assembled a band of “Chosen Knights.” The adventures of these knights form the subject-matter of numerous romances in the Arthurian Cycle. His court is the model court for the cultivation of every knight’s virtue.

Wherever he was, whether inside the classroom or outside, in the campus, pretty girls were flocking around him. Why?, aside from being the only male student of mine at that time, secondly he was oozing with God’s-given gifts. He was the Choir Director of almost every college in the University. Name it folks!, Conservatory of Music, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Optometry, etc. A beautiful student of mine, a sister of a popular actress showed her admiration by exclaiming: “If Arthur would only show me, even a little affection, I would be the one to make the marriage proposal.”

But despite the fact that numerous beautiful-talented girls were linked to him, (I should know, I was his confident, mentor and best friend (next to his wife Shirley, of course!) the one and only true love of him, whom he married in the Catholic Church is the mother of AJ (Arthur), a song-writer, producer, singer, composer, arranger, choir director, band leader, instrumentalist, etc.
“Sinakop ng lahat.” Jasmine, plays violin and a very good dancer, Justine does ballet dancing.
Shirley, the singing nurse, a very hard-working and dedicated mother, who is every child’s dream to be his/her mother. I am not surprised to be informed that one song of AJ has more than a million hits in “” also in myspace. AJ’s music is a permanent fixture in our place. Richard and Rommel, most especially Richard always listen and watch AJ’s video.
AJ could have written more songs than Michael Jackson! Everywhere here, be it in the car, inside the house, etc. it’s AJ you’ be seeing and hearing. I often get so nostalgic…wishing…I wish Junior were here, he would certainly be proud of his son. I was very proud of Junior, I still do, as he was of me.

Junior was everybody’s favorite, Lola Edang favorite grandchild, Dico Channing’s (ma’s brother who sent all his sisters Tita Juaning, Del, and Floring to school)., Ma’s favorite son, every nephew’s and niece ‘s favorite uncle.

I was so touched when Papa said that if he could only see Junior perform in public, professionally conducting a choir, he could afford to die the next day! Ate Zen was screaming: “Bakit hindi pa ako ang kinuha, si Junior pa! AJ was barely 10 years old then, Jasmine about 8 or 9 while Justine was 6 months old.

I kept on asking the Lord , Who is a Promise Maker and A Promise Keeper. …Why? up to the present time the same question…why, Lord? Why did you take him so early? He could still do a lot of things for you…, for mankind. I wasn’t prepared for his early and untimely demise. I had so many dreams, plans, aspirations for my beloved younger brother.

As if at a glance I saw the words: “He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Junior was given the honor to continue PAPA’s good work… now AJ will bring to completion/perfection the good work Jesus Christ began in Junior’s life. I am assured that Junior is somewhere up above there…waving, smiling, beaming, watching with pride the family he left behind, temporarily here on earth…commending Shirley…good work “der.” I love all of you!

To be continued.

Love, Peace and Prayers,

Ate/Tita Viol
Phil 4:13
5 Sept. 05

with love,


cheryl said...

Awh, that letter your tita wrote is sweet. I know that your dad is up there smiling and extremely proud of you and your sisters.
Keep the dream alive!
<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that he is super proud of you and your sisters! I mean, who wouldn't be? Your Tita's letter made me feel bad about not meeting your dad. He must be really amazing and you are indeed blessed to have a father like him.

I know the pain of losing a loved one may seem to never go away. I lost my beloved grandmum almost ten years ago too. I really thought back then that I would never find the strength stop crying. But now I know that they are with God now, meeting him face to face. Nothing can be more awesome than that. :) And that we are only separated by the time we have left here on earth. :)

God bless you and your family!

-A fan of your music :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was very touching; your dad is definitely proud of you up there in heaven. God bless.

Keep on playing ^^

zaty said...

my dad passed away when i was little.wish i could see him again,,i dont even remember how his voice sounds like,,

nikks* said...

my condolences are with you aj! your dad will always take care of you and look out for you <3 take care always, nikki.

bullsalv said...

"now AJ will bring to completion/perfection the good work Jesus Christ began in Junior’s life."


Raoux said...
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Raoux said...
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Raoux said...

Hi, Aj. I was watching your videos on youtube, and ofcourse, i loved it.. who wouldn't?? You are SO, SO talented.. And now that i read this i understand where it came from.
And it's true, we can't always understand God's plans.. but we can always be sure they're not in vain! even though it's so hard sometimes.
And i'm sure He's got a big plan for your life.. 'cause you're able to make pp feel good inside when you sing! At least that's what happens to me when i hear your music.
I trully wish you the BEST for your life and career! You've gone pretty far already, considering i'm from Brasil! haha
Please take care!!! I'm lucky to have found your videos. You got yourself a fan from South America!
God bless

Anonymous said...

You're really talented and I'm sure your father is proud of you. I mean, who wouldn't be? Good Luck.