Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's been a while...

a lot has happened since the last time i really sat down and blogged, and i apologize for not keeping ya'll updated. but you guys know ive been busy with footloose and music speaks since i've been back here in cali. now that i'm back in cali, i've been playing shows every weekend after music speaks and it's been real busy! i'll try to write as much as i can in this blogspot every so often. but for now i need your help.


as you might know, i put on a concert last month called Music Speaks. it was a 2-day event with artists such as Gabe Bondoc, Passion, and Quest Crew, and my band! and many other talented people who also are some of my very close friends. to everyone that came through and donated to the cause: thank you SO much, you've helped us put up a successful concert and spread awareness about Autism to a great amount of people.

we're now going beyond just the concert. we're walking for Autism on November 14, 2009 at the Anaheim Angels Stadium. all the details are here at

i made a team called TEAM MUSIC SPEAKS. and i need your help. walk with us and/or donate to the cause by going to

we need to recruit at least 100 walkers and are trying to raise 15,000 dollars for Autism! please help us raise more money for this cause, as you know is very personal to me because my older sister's son, Nathan, has Autism and we need to help to fund research into finding a cure for this disorder.

tell everyone you can please! through twitter, youtube, myspace, facebook, whatever you can think of!

on the website you cannot donate less than $20. if you want to donate less than $20 please send the check/money (payable to Autism Speaks) to my PO box and i'll make sure to donate it with our Team. write your name (if it happens to be your parents' check) on the bottom left hand corner of the check so i can write your name down on our list of contributors too!

here's the P.O. Box:
AJ Rafael
12625 Frederick St
Ste. I-5 #303
Moreno Valley, CA 92553

thanks SO MUCH ya'll!!! let's do this big!!!



feeforlife said...

Hi AJ. It's been a while, yes it has haha. I would just like you to know that I've been having a very horrible, depressed, and stressed out couple of weeks. It took a lot of me to laugh and smile but I did when i received my RAD poster today with you and everybody else's autograph on it. Thanks a whole bunch :)

TFC of Canyon High said...

when do we have to turn in the form to join the walk?

littleLiar87 said...

hey AJ, i've been check out your singing on you-tube,truely... it's inspired me and my friends a lot, keep up your good work...we always here to support from malaysia :))