Thursday, August 6, 2009

a new chapter...

so footloose is over! those 6 weeks of hard work and learning to dance was one of the hardest things i've had to go through (performing wise) but it was all worth it in the end. if you didnt go you missed out! and i'm mad at you! haha jk.. no but foreal... you missed out.

so with my project "MUSIC SPEAKS" coming up, i got so much to do. my band is coming in today (minus andrew rhim) and we're gonna practice for next week cuz we're recording 3 tracks at a studio!!! =]] i'm excited. andrew's comin down with us monday morning cuz me noah and shiori and rb are going to the Bay to visit this weekend! =]

noah comes in in like an hour and shiori comes in at night around 1030pm. i'm excited! woow! also if you were wondering how FAP went.. it was great. so many talented people. and so many good memories.

hope you guys are excited about MUSIC SPEAKS. thanks for all your help so far, i'll have a donation button soon for you guys to donate to the cause. thanks yall.

heres the new flyer i designed.

love yall.


Brenda Nguyen said...


Savannah Tran said...

i went to Footloose! And i agree with you, whoever didnt go, really did miss out!<3

cheryl said...

I'm sorry I didn't make it to footloose! I'd be mad at me too.
<3 Cheryl.

Ly Kim said...

Good luck in the studio.

Michelle Kuo said...

I wish I could've come to footloose, and I really really really want to go to Music Speaks, you have no idea! It's just that I live in stupid Washington :( Pooop if I didn't move I'd still be in Cypress, CA, close to all the events! gaaaah.

So think you'll be up in WA anytime soon? Like Seattle or something.

Ilene Grace said...

good luck with everything sir aj :]
i wish i could come down there for music speaks. if i had the money for a plane ticket, i'd definitely go! but you should come up to minnesota and do a show or something sometime! the filipinos here would love you! trust me