Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my last week in so cal...

this is crazy. 

last thursday we went to six flags! randolph permejo, derek portea, bryan keith, cathy nguyen, my best friend rb, marilu, mike isberto, gabe bondoc and a lot of my other good friends. i only went on two rides cuz i get really sick. haha sucks for me.

friday's show at otay ranch wasn't what i expected... i wanted a MOMENT with the people of OTAY!!! but they cut me off and i could only play one song... i was mad at the fact that we drove over 100 miles to get there and they weren't paying gas money... dusty, jasmine, me, rb, and lydia drove down... i'm so glad i met lydia, she's a super dope person who is very talented and isn't cocky about anything and doesn't let the attention get to her head... she's the real deal foreals...... haha

saturdays show was a different story though... chino hills @ the shoppes, with our host M-Meow from the asian persuasion show, was amazing. there was a pre-show and then andrew garcia opened up the night. christine concepcion delivered 3 songs for us, then marc, and then derek put it down! lydia paek, one of the most amazing singers i have ever met, went up after that. (look her up on youtube! she pwns!) randolph and cathy went up shortly after that, and then a special performance by GABE bondoc. i went on last to close the show, and that meant a lot to me seeing everybody sing along to "I Just Want You" and "My Soldier"... it's always a trip to see how many people actually know and follow my music. thank you all who came to the shoppes. i'll miss you all.

i'm getting flown out a couple weekends of october for shows and for my sisters birthday. so maybe i'll see you guys soon. i'll keep you updated on Berklee College of Music in Boston, and i'll make a mailing list so you guys can keep up with me via e-mail.

i fly out friday at ontario airport. let's hope this is my time to be up there with the rockstars and shiii.


genesis gregorio said...

and you didnt invite me!?

just kidding.

and goodluck.

when you come back, i'll be like super pro.
just kidding.

reiii said...

hey fool. i love you. good luck in boston and dont forget little ol' me. <3 renabette

Loris said...

yo aj! leaving pretty soooon, dang. goodluck in boston! youre gonna be great there, forsure. handle that. love, loris.

F!ZZYL00B said...

ill miss your cuteness :( & your shows. hopefully you visit back and update your music<3333