Wednesday, July 30, 2008


sorry this took so long, i was contemplating for a while because there were SO many good videos. anyway, if you were wondering who the judges were...

judge #1: MVCC (my choir)
judge #2: Cathy Nguyen
judge #3: Jasmine Rafael (my sister)

judging based on Creativity and Content!

and i also decided that since there was an overwhelming response of videos entered in this contest, i've upped the prizes... kinda. all finalists get 15 free ajrafael mp3's, while the winning video gets signed CD's and a SPECIAL SURPRISE. ahahaha. nothing big, just something special. 

here are the six finalists!!! (click to watch their video entry)

to the rest of the people who submitted their videos, thank you SO much. you have no idea how much you are helping this song get out there and how much support it shows! i love you all. 

special honors:
cap0seven for amazing piano abilities, msmooshell & ieatyourflowers for making me SMILE super big with your cute vids, yoitsangelaa and panicpanicpanic for being amazing and dedicated supporters for local artists out here in the 626 and 951 area, gotRICEma for entertaining bloopers, and mourningsunshineband for some awesome editing.

the main thing to think about when voting: Entertainment Factor! choose the video you can't stop watching.

thank you all for submitting your videos and especially to those who have never posted a cover of them singing or anything, thank you for taking a chance on an artist like me who's not very known but is trying to make it out there. one love. 


P.S. finalists, message me on myspace with special directions to receive the free mp3's!


Anonymous said...

oh, hey there's me & angela!

Kathleen said...

haha nice vids.

p.s. aj's so gay.

GOOD AND YUMMY hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

i like cathy ngyunes video with derek and randolph

ikharu said...

hai aj,,,my name is ikha...i like your song,,with heidi and cathy,you is talented boy...hahaha...God bless from indonesia...i saw u in cool,fantastic,amazing,, im in Senior High School,,nice to meet u