Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year...

so i'm playing poker with my family right now. finding time to write my last blog of the year. not gonna be too epic... but just really wanted to thank you guys for everything this year. so much has happened... playing my first shows with my new band, shiori noah and andrew i love you so much, the release of my music video My Soldier with MOVeMEDIA productions-- scott thanks man, met so many people at Berklee that have continued to stay my close friends, leaving Berklee/Boston was one of the hardest decisions of my life but I'm glad i came back to California...

after my time at Berklee came summer 2009, pretty awesome-- i met Jenny Suk, played a show every weekend till last weekend actually but thats when it started (my first break was Thanksgiving and then last weekend for Gabe's one night only concert), and at the same time playing these shows i was cast the lead role in the musical Footloose at RCC, rehearsal every day from 3-9, it was pretty tiring. after that was done, i had to start promoting Music Speaks, 2 benefit concerts for Autism Speaks-- and had a month left to do it. but it came together, and during the month i was promoting, i recorded 3 tracks with my band-- Showstopper, I Just Want You, and When We Say which will be officially released Spring next year.

ever since Music Speaks, i said to myself i would take it easy on myself, but shows kept coming up and of course i wasn't saying no, i wanted to play as much as possible while i still could. during all these shows, i got closer to many other YT artists, and met some awesome people like Quest Crew, Fareast Movement, BarkadaInc, and MORE. though i was tired, i still kept going, and during this time of stressin out playing shows-- the Typhoon in the Philippines hit. i knew i had to do something, and though it was tough for me with everything going on at once, along with personal problems i was having with my family, i pushed through and knew that God wasn't gonna put anything on me that i couldn't handle. though i was physically and emotionally exhausted, i knew that i HAD to keep going... raising awareness, playing benefits, raising money, gathering artists, and just praying as much as i could for the victims of the Typhoon. and at the same time Music Speaks Arizona had just popped up in the itinerary and am so glad that i was able to help people in the Philippines AND help Autistic families at the same time. it's just such a blessing to have so many people supporting you and helping. i've learned to not just take the load myself, but to trust in others that want to help you achieve your goal.

with this year coming to an end, i'll say i have a lot to be thankful for. and i truly am grateful for all of it. of course i am open to many more blessings-- if God has more plans for me i will take them on. but if 2009 was the end of all the success that came my way-- honestly, i would say to God, "Thank you, and I'm so happy to have had the honor to serve you through music, and everything I've done was to serve others, and most especially You".

im not gonna sit here and wish 2010 was better. although i do have a feeling it will be a HUGE year ( ;] ), i'm just thankful for 2009 and what it has brought me.

love you all,

watch the WHOLE video! =]

ps here's the winning tweet to my contest.

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when your hard work is appreciated and noticed, you can't help but to be proud of yourself-- nothin' wrong with that =]



kat said...

thank you aj, for sharing music that touched my heart this year. you have inspired me to learn guitar, and share my voice to others.
happy new year

Anonymous said...

NATHAN. omg! so big now!!!!!!!

<3 tara!

PS: happy new year & i'm sure 2010 will have just as many plus many more blessings than 2009 for you aj!

famemonsterrr said...


asianpanda said...

It's true, God doesn't give anyone what they can't handle. You are doing so many great things in your life right now and I hope 2010 will also be a time for you to keep pushing through. Goodluck! And HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

koolerbeans said...

beautifully written, aj! and i meant every word of it. keep your heart in it. i truly believe you're going places, and i can't wait!

it's been a pleasure watching you grow in this journey of yours. i only wish you more blessings! happy new year to you, your family, and loved ones!


dianosaurusrexx said...

Thank you for a wonderful year of some wonderful music. Your talent is undeniable, and it has changed my outlook on today's music. You have TRUE talent, and it overpowers many mainstream artists today. I hope you have a wonderful beginning of the 2010 year and wish you new opportunities in the musical industry.

JEAH said...

Happy New Year AJ! You have been a great inspiration to me throughout 2009. Your songs has helped me in so many ways, thank you (: I have also recently post in my blog about you and your music. Cause you deserve to be widely known. <3

Olivia Gabriel said...

Hi, I just started listening to all your covers on youtube . They are amazing. I can't believe I have only heard you just now when you've been doing all of this for a while now. I hope 2010 is just as great for you.

Your cover of Jason Mraz's Details in the Fabric was so glorious. haha. seriously. it was.

I would love to hear you do a cover of Snow Patrol's "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" If you haven't heard it yet, you should. It's a great song. You can get a female friend to do the duet with you.

Well, good luck. And keep doing what you do

<3 OG

Keep doing what you do.