Thursday, April 9, 2009

such great heights..

this blog is overdue. and im sorry about that. i just wanted to take this time to tell you about whats goin on in my life.

just hit 6MILLION plays on my myspace. what the freak. #48 top unsigned artist on MYSPACE. #65 most subscribed all time musicians on youtube. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

but other than cyberspace, ive been chillin w good friends and awesome musicians lately. actually not chillin, but doin work, as in music and writing and practicing. sometimes i feel as if ive put too much on my plate. but i know God won't give me more than i can handle.

ive got a couple of shows coming up. tomorrow (friday) in UMass Boston at 6PM and the rest are on my calendar on my MYSPACE. PLEASE PLEASE check it out i might be going to a town near you. 

anyway, this pretty much explains what ive been going through.

meet Jess Delgado (,, & my amazing musician friends Andrew Rhim (,, & Kris Collins (,

i love you all as much as i love music. well, almost.

hehe jk.


EnyaD said...

Aj! You amaze me. I don't know what to say other than that. I'll think of Dustin! (is that how you spell it?)
Have a great easter! :D

Ruth-Vi said...

I am so sad I can't make it tomorrow (Good Friday)

But you should definitely try to play more Boston venues I'd love to check them out, and I have a bunch of friends who now love you too!

Glad GOD has blessed you so profoundly :)

sophianerarie said...

Aj your an awsome person and all those things you get, you deserve it more than any person in this world!
i hope that you will get right there where you want to be!
i'll keep Dustin in my mind maybe that makes it a little less hard for you?
have a great easter!!=]
love you very much!

Billy said...

hi aj love your voice your website needs a update if you need one just holla my site is you can just leave a comment

B.Balinn. said...

you are an amzing person and i hope you know that you talkin to him and getting to know him is one of the most kindest and meaningful things you can do. bein there for him thats an a great thing, especially since he is one of your fans. the way you describe him, it sounds like he will do extremely well once the surgery is over. well ill keep him in my prayers, as well as you. have a great easter. =]

Trina K. said...

wow, what a blessing.

Angel said...

i hope Dustin makes it through. PRAYER TIME :D
its amazing what songs can do for us. i can understand why My Soldier is his fav song. i believe its mine too. everytime im down and i feel like im not worth anything. i go to my music player in my phone and listen to my soldier.
i sing along and it brightens me up to hear your voice telling me that i can do anything.
i'm just glad to know that you'll always be there by my side. :]
Thanks AJ

cheryl said...

Hey AJ! First of all, i congratulate you on everything you've accomplished, between the youtube partnership and being one of the top musicians on myspace & youtube, you deserve it.

I loved the video, so lovely to know that a person's pain can be relieved through music - your music. I've realized that whenever I'm stressed out the fastest - and best - cure for my stress is my iPod, particularly the playlist that includes: My Soldier, Something Happens, When the Sun Sets on Hawaii....okay, pretty much your entire album on repeat. haha

Hope that you are safe. I may be coming to one of your shows soon! YAY :D
wow, I wrote a lot.
<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the YouTube partnership and being on top of it all! [: So proud and happy for you!

Definitely been loving all the collabs you've been doing lately. I love that you not only share your music with us, but share music through others as well. Music shouldn't be selfish-- it should be shared. So thank you for introducing us to great musicians lately.

You're inspiring, truly.

<3 Love you!

Monika said...

I just wanna say that all what you're doimg with the music in your life, and lifes of your subscribers is amazing. Keep making joy! God bless ya.

Greetings from Poland.

PS Sorry for my English ;)

Uncle said...

yo dude.. personally, nice music .. your gonna steal the lights from bloggers now eyh :P you stole the lights from us when you came to youtube, now ur here in blogger :)

Anyways, love your music man :) take care :)

Nadia Adenan said...

i almost love you as much as i love music too. HAHA

sabrinasiow said...

you and jess look and sound good together ;)

Longster said...

You are truly great at what you do. You touch me with your songs in so many levels. Best of luck to you in the future.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't thank you enough for you and Andrew performing at UMass. You guys rocked it!!! Loved singing along and seeing it live....finally!!

I'll facebook you when you want to hang out with everyone before you leave for good =(

aLittleOdd said...

you have no idea how you just made me swooning over you.. I spent an entire 8 hours just listening to your songs and watching the videos.. I never thought a 26 - year old career woman like me ;stuck here in an a small island here in the Philippines would feel like a kindergarten all over again...

damn! I cant get over your voice! :)

Gabilu M said...

ur a fantastic singer and one of the most real people on YouTube (^^)!
ThNKS4 sharing ur music with the world =)

goochie_bozo said...

heyya you and your friends are an amazing bunch of people! love all the music videos and thank you for being such an inspiration to all :DD listening to your music always makes my day! would love to watch your live performance some day! cheers :) xx

Randy Saputro said...

Go AJ... I love all ur music!!!

Greetings from Indonesia^^

Liana-M said...

heyyyy is my face book i lovee you voice and you musik veryy beutifull im lytelyy speac anglish im speac franch or russe ^^ giv you my face book bay

Liana-M said...

heyyyy is my face book i lovee you voice and you musik veryy beutifull im lytelyy speac anglish im speac franch or russe ^^ giv you my face book bay

Webkinz Maniac said...

AJ! You are so good! And we both love the series of unfortunate events!
p.s. my fav song of yours is "Showstopper"

jeka said...

Hey AJ, you make me cry like you have a fantastic voice and the herea song you did good .. it was really like you said it sitting there .. you are sweet with .. when you sing your disney songs you sing them better than the original.!

P.s just want to say I love you <3 I am a big fan From a Swedish girl of 18 years
/ / Jessica

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