Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the latest... my sincere apologies...

wow its been a while. im so sorry. i owe you guys an update. to everyone who's been trying to contact me via internet, cell phone, whatever, im sorry its been so hard to contact me lately. i have been struggling with so much: music, love, family, and everything else. 

since the last blog, you've probably been wondering about Dustin's status. his operation went well, but the after results are not the best news. his heart was transplanted correctly, but the heart doesn't pump blood fast enough, so complications will slowly start happening. the doctor told him that he only has 13 months to live. 

this is the most tragic news anyone can get, especially for the fact that he is a 15-year-old kid who loves music and his family. please pray for him, and i hope the doctors are wrong. i pray to God that he gets better. 

(read the previous blogpost and watch the video if you don't know what i am talking about)

anyway last weekend, i dedicated all my songs to him and shared his story with everyone back in california. everyone was touched by his story and his strength and the way that music has touched his soul. please continue to pray. 

i have been talking to my friends and we are all discussing a possible fundraiser to get him and his mom out here in the US for a big show this summer. anyone down to help out for that? 

anyway, my most recent video has been featured on YOUTUBE.COM on the main page and it's an awesome feeling, it almost feels like ur at the top of the world for a second. "Those Lips". this is all because of all of your support and love. you all deserve some cupcakes. LOVE YOU ALL!!! thank you for being my motivation to keep going and to keep playing. music is the only thing in this world right now that makes sense. keep it alive, and keep it in your life. 



Christine said...

I would be down to help get Dustin and his mom out here! I've been writing back and forth with him and I had mentioned the idea of him getting out here to meet you. My friends and I would do anything to the best of our ability to help and we're all praying for him.

Kay Bby said...

i'd be down to help out too. his story really did touch me. i'll always keep him in my prayers.

allanxaesthetics said...

It's true though, music is the only thing in the world that makes sense.

cheryl said...

Getting Dustin down here would be so awesome. I'm down for some fund raising :D If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. I'm a message on blog away.

Such an awesome show on Sunday! Nice seeing you again :D Hope you had a fun time in Cali with the puppies :D How are they?
Hope to see you again soon,
<3, Cheryl

AyeeeCindy said...

I'd be down to help out fundraise. I will always continue to pray for Dustin .

ace said...

I'd love to help. He's definitely an inspiration and we'll continue to keep him in our prayers.

Rachel Jean said...

i love your new song!
thee best

ireeeneeex3 said...

definately willing to throw a fundraiser. i've been following dustin on twitter, hoping he'll get better.

hes in my prayers.

CarlWEARSPrada said...

no need to apologize for anything bro, you have your life to live and everything

and yo, I'm so down for a fundraiser, I've been following him on twitter, giving little bits of support here and there, but there's so much more we could do, so I hope to make this happen, I want to help him in any way I can, and if it can be more than just words, lets do it

Richelle said...

I would love to help out with the Fundraiser! I'm just North of the border excuse to get out of the city! Let me know what can be done.
I love planning and coordinating!

Nicole said...

i'll keep dustin in my prayers.
i'll be willing out somehow. :D

beautiful song btw, love it. <3

Loris Saprid. said...

AJ, it really has been a while. :) Congrats on the spotlight video! I got so excited when I saw it. Very, very proud of you. You deserve it!

& I am definitely down for that fundraiser. It's such a blessing knowing that he has such a huge support group. That goes to show you that God's love extends farther than we can ever imagine. I'm definitely praying for him & his family.

Hope to see you soon!

euniceislame said...

Hey AJ! I'm so down to help you put a fundraiser together. It truly was very touching to hear about Dustin. I will surely continue to pray for him. It is great that you are planning on doing this for him. It will mean sooo much to him, too see how many people care for him. he will definitely feel loved.

Well, it was great seeing you last Saturday. haha, I wish you could've gone with us to prom! it would've been so awesome. =] Well, I really hope to see you soon!

<3 always, Eunice (you-nice)

luvanmusiqq said...

i think the fellas in flowethics would love to contribute to a cause like this...maybe you should hit them up...i already talked to Sam about it and he seems all for it too...and i would love to help in anyway that i can ...God bless to Dustin though... = T

sophianerarie said...

A fundraiser is a great idea!! I hope I can help from where I am!
I'll keep him in my prayers

congrats on getting featured!!! you deserve it!!!
peace is in your every breath

Abigail Blues said...

I wish i could help with dustin i seriously wish i could, i really feel bad that i cant. But hes always in my prayers.