Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the big 2-0

sorry guys its been so long. a week and a day. its my birthday tomorrow. well in about 2 hours it will be. i am watching Hercules right now for the 5th time cuz i just got it on my computer. "go the distance" is one of my favorite songs. so i've been really busy lately, rehearsing with my band, getting ready for midterms, and this weekend i played scrabble till the middle of the morning with angel, kris collins, andrew rhim, and ryan bandong (visited from new york). im gonna have dinner with a couple of friends tomorrow and friday to celebrate my birthday =] tomorrow theres a concert in the Berklee Performance Center and my drummer, Shiori, is gonna play in it so im gonna watch that. also... PAUL SIMON will be at Berklee teaching a clinic tomorrow!!! i'm going!!!!! =]

if ya'll are wondering how my schooling is doing, its going well. i didnt really choose hard classes this semester, mostly labs. so our assignment every week is pretty much just to learn a song. i have 11 classes. hahaha.

4-6: adv. Vocal Techniques (with an awesome teacher; Donna McElroy)
10-12: Great American Songbook Lab
2-4: Stage Performance with Livingston Taylor (James Taylor's brother!) 
9-11: Hip Hop Production & Writing
2-3: Vocal Skills for the Self-Accompanying Singer
3:30-4: Private Lesson
4-6: Flo-ology
6-8: Contemporary Christian Ensemble
2-4: Lyric Writing
4-5: Vocal Styles Lab-Jazz/Blues

it is midterm week this week, and so far all my classes are worth going to.  as you see i'm not taking Harmony and Ear Training (which is required to graduate) but for now im just trying to make the most of what i can while im here at Berklee. im trying to learn as much as possible, so with Harmony and Ear Training, i'm just pretty much reading the books and hoping to take those finals and get credit for the classes if i choose to continue here at Berklee.

turning 20 means i am no longer a teenager. which means i must start thinking about where my life is headed. as of right now-- i am going to be a professional musician. and i am going to spread my music to as many people possible. and i'm going to make it. i know i say that every time, but i mustn't give up, right?

love you all, and i just recently hit 5MILLION plays on myspace, thats just ridiculous. thanks to all of YOU.

please view my interview on YOUTRAX.TV, a nice guy by the name of michael boyce interviewed me for his show and did some awesome editing. thanks for checking it out if you have already!

upcoming shows: March 20th, in Chula Vista-San Diego at a yogurt place called "It's Yogurt Time". 6PM.

March 26th & 27th at Florida State University (more details TBA)

March 28th in New York at American Red Cross in Greater New York.

find all the addresses on my myspace! at

thanks for everything. heres my favorite song by the man himself, Gabe Bondoc. "Gentlemen Don't"


Klaudine Nicole. said...

happy birthday :)
i do hope for your big success in your career,
may you have all the blessings and other things in life.

good luck on your midterms.
and god bless you :)


goshNICOLE said...

happy birthday in advance, aj.
i know you'll get absolutely flooded and bombarded with birthday greetings, haha. i'm hoping i can sneak in a greeting in there and you getting to hear/see it, but i know it's going to be crazy.

i'm excited for the 20th. [:

TeeNur said...

Happy early birthday :) The big 2-0 sounds pretty intimidating, but I think you're going to do great. I know people at my school know your name, not long till we see your name in lights! I wish you the best

On another note, Wow! No classes on fridays... that sounds awesome.

funsized! said...

happy early birthday :]
just in case i forget, hehe.
daaang, 20? you is old. haha.
you are very young, and you have your whole life ahead of you. never give up! you're doing a wonderful job as it is! don't cave in to all the work you have to do, it will all be worth it. :]

lotsa love & support! <3

kahtreenah said...

holy cow! ELEVEN classes?! my THREE classes already kil me. hahaha, thats awesome though; at least you're making the most of everything & taking it all in. and good luck on your midterms!!


youre going to make it;

B.Balinn. said...

Happy birthday!!! well. almost birthday! lmao. dont let being 20 stop you from bein a lil immature sometimes. haha. caus ethe world needs some immature moments anyway its good that youve been workin hard, you get better and better that way and you can tell. and good luck with midterms... have a great birthday. =D

B.Balinn. said...
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liagiba. said...

Happy early birthday AJ :D I just realized you're a year older than me. Haha, anyway it seems like your schedule is a little busy but I think you're having fun with it right? :]

I hope you have a wonderful 2-0 birthday and many MANY more to come in your life! You deserve nothing but the best and I mean that.

Man I wish I can go to San Diego on that day, but no one would take me :/ I'll wait for the FAP event by July! That's a must.

Have a wonderful one and I can't wait for you to be a professional musician soon, even though you already are in my eyes.

Have fun and party hardy, well not too much :P hehe


cheryl said...

Oh my! No longer a teenager! How exciting! Happy Birthday in about 7 minutes! Hope you're having fun in Boston.
Never give up on what you believe in!

Rachel Jean said...


aj you're amazing
i hope you know that

Rachel Jean said...

happy bday btw!;]

FLO said...

Happy20th AJ !

My bffl is in Georgia & turned 20 as well so I'm greeting you both !
Although I'm not entirely sure about time difference shizznazz. Lol. Whatevuhh.

Anyway, this is jst gna be one of TONS of bday greetings to you I bet. Hope you have a grrrreat one!

Geez. Me, You & my Best. ALL Bdays within 3 days. PISCES UNITE ! Lmao. My 20th is in 3 days. Haha. TeenageYears gone. Crazyyy HUH ?

Well, take care ! I'm off to study some more for my Midterm. Blehh. This is my 5-min. break. Haha. (:

angel said...

scrabble ftw !

feliz cumpleanos


oh wow. i'm silly.

Joanna said...

happy birthdayyy aj!!!

i still really hope you come to sydney
like actually really really hope dying to hope kind of hope
hope you had a good one =]

JAAANINE said...


I've been following you/your music ever since I accidentally discovered the 'Lucky' video you and Cathy did, and boy am I glad I did!

Now you're turning 20? I'm turning 20 too! But my life is nowhere is exciting as yours. :D Ohwells. Just want you to know you have people rooting for you all the way from Singapore (which is not in China thank you very much)! Continue to do what you do best! Don't ever stop!


km said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ! 20's an age I don't think I'll ever forget, I really I guess "came into my own" when I turned 20. Lol, I say that like I'm SO much older now, but my 21st birthday is actually next week so hahaa. But yeah, I'm super excited like everyone else for your show in CV on the 20th! I wasn't able to catch your last show the last time you were in SD so yay! Haha.

Enjoy your birthday! Have fun, take a kajillion pictures, and best wishes today and always!


jana marie said...

happy TWENTEENTH birthday aj =] hehe
i hope you get everything you wish for, because you really do deserve it!

in sydney your birthday is almost technically over, but i'm sure in boston's only just beginning. so i hope you have an amazing day!

take care!


your best friend. said...

Happy Birthday Aj!
I hope your birthday is just as amazing as you are ;D

Bibou said...

Happy Birthday aj!!!
i'm from Paris (France) & i love your songs =)

sophianerarie said...

jaaay happy birthday!!!^^
love to read your blog again! also love the interview and your song! both amazing, it's very nice to get to know al those things about you =]
good luck on your midterms!

never lose any hope of going to make it because you dont need to! ^^ you'll make it!!

yelly. said...

haaafffyy birrrthdaay, aj (= i hope your day goes amazing & this year be the best one yet.

much love!

your Gabe Bondoc cover is amaazing!

Stefanie said...

happy bday aj :D
you have already spread so much love through music and i can only wish you the best. i jst wanted you to know that your music has really brought me through many days.
keep following your heart.
gluck on your midterms and god bless!
no matter what your AMAZZZZZZZZZING.

ps. i have never been so excited in my life for a concert. i cant wait to see you at the redcross! [FINALLY NY!]

Angel said...

Happy 20th Birthday! haha you're all old now :P
sucks for you lol just messin.
hope your birthday's the best! hanging out with all your friends :D

good luck on finals too!

Dont you get tired of flying everywhere, everyday? :[ i would. planes are kinda boring. unless there's movies:D hehe

Man you've helped me alot today. at least your song did lol.
i was really stressed over my team :[ and i walked home after practice repeatly playing My Soldier. i got to think more clear and just calm myself down. i really love that song :]

oh yeah i love gentlemen's don't too :] i love the chorus part :D

anyways happy b-day again oldie :D!

ashley said...

Happy Birthday! =]

mav said...

Happy belated BIRTHDAY! Haha. I'm Soo Proud Of How Far Yu've Gotten. iLY Keep It Up. i Hope One Day You Can Come To England. =] x

sabrinasiow said...

happy belated birthday! :D

Amy said...

happy belated birthday!..again xD.

i hope you had the most AMAZING birthday everrr!!!

anyway, WOW you're taking so many classes! but good for you! (:

oh yeah, and i'm soo mad i can't go to your New York show. ugh, i seriously need my license. xD

keep it up!

ps. good luck on midterms! :D

LMN said...

Happy Belated, AJ!
Hope you had a good one.

R_Farnacio said...

You're amazing!! When you're famous please come visit London!

Lo said...

epi bel8td bdae aj!!
regards to prev comment,
do come to Sydney too!!
awesome vid btw... XD


Maureeeeeeeen (; said...

happy belated birthday ( :

NOOVAAA! said...

aaaaloohhaaaa! (:
keep it up man, shakaaa !
you should come to hawaii, its BOMBED!

alys_ said...

AJ ! your bday is in march? lol awesome. haha anyways,
Happy 20th (belated, might i add) Birthday!
Hopefully you had heaps of fun ;)
Good luck in everything you wannna do, cus youre gunna make it !
well have fun & takecare.
&keep up the good work =)