Wednesday, March 25, 2009


it's too late.

sorry i haven't been on this blogspot. after my birthday things got crazy a little bit. celebrated it 3 times. twice here in Boston, and once in California. Larry & Jesse from My American Heart came to my house so everyone felt "cool" and we made the most of the night on saturday. they stayed over and we all chilled on Sunday. the start of spring break was awesome. MUSIC.

it was so nice being home, almost too nice. no cold-ax wind, no below freezing weather, no walking around the whole dang town, and no school. i wanted to stay forever. andrew rhim (my guitarist) came down on wednesday, and we played a show at Diamond Bar HS which went better than i expected. we played a show the next day at my old middle school Vista Heights. Friday was the big show in San Diego at "It's Yogurt Time" and everyone loved andrew which was dope becuz i've never really had another guitarist play with me at a show, besides Steven Cole whom some of you probably remember.

me, dusty, and rb spent a lot of time in Chino (dustynaka and rbizzzle on twitter) during spring break. it was awesome. i chilled with a lot of old friends back home, but not everyone, which was kinda sad because i had a whole week opposed to just the weekend and i still didn't have time for everyone. next time for sure.

tomorrow i'm practicing with my band one last time before the shows this weekend. thursday at Florida State University @ the Union Green at 6PM and friday at Comedian Zone at FSU as well. JR Aquino is also performing. saturday is a show in NEW YORK at the American Red Cross Headquarters in New York on 49th St. show starts at 6 and Magnetic North is playing. can't wait.

this weekend is gonna be awesome with my band. we've named ourselves (after weeks and weeks of hard pondering) the AJ Rafael Band. short and sweet. we did have a couple of names in line. AJ Rafael and the: Loveless, Hi-Tops, Infinite Playlist, Nine Lives, just to name a few. glad we came to this decision tho. more profiles on them later. they are the dopest people.

school's getting better, but Boston's not. i realized how much of my heart i left in Cali this time around. Boston got nothin on the west coast. no offense.

to see videos from last weeks shows search "aj rafael yogurt time" "aj rafael diamond bar" on YOUTUBE.COM and you will find them.

love you all and sorry for the lag.

my newest video. don't forget to follow me on ya'll should all get one!!! aj rafael's twitter profile



angel said...

hm .. what does boston have ...

it looks like gotham city at night.

& maybe that's it. haha jk

i'm sure that if the weather wasn't so crappy everything would be more enjoyable.

Mayrilene Jay said...


Followed you on Twitter already. Love how it keeps me updated with your whereabouts :D

Rheza Mae said...

Wow ... You posted this ... At one in the morning. West Coast time I think. xD It's been a long time since you posted a blog haha.

Aww ... It sucks how you miss Cali. Haha you're right. Boston doesn't have an In-N-Out. LOL. The weather must suck though. It being cold everyday. hehe

Good luck in your shows. ahaha. Don't worry you'll be back in Cali before you know it ;]

josiema said...

should have called it
aj rafael and the soldiers
our soldiers

because you'll always help us get through the thick and thin be listened to when someone is feeling blue

liagiba. said...

WOOT! Glad you had a great spring break, AJ :D Not to mention celebrating your birthday 3 times! I celebrated mines just once yesterday. HAHA but I'm glad that so far everything is going well =] I hope to really meet you at the FAP concert this summer. It'll be so BOMB.

Take it easy, have fun with what you have, and always smile (:


Chris Cendana said...

I love you AJ. :) Man I was supposed to go to FSU and perform too, but I had previous engagements with WVU. Home team wins.

But I miss you man - watched Apologize again from the Umteenth time. *sigh*

Tim Woo said...

hey Aj! i feel you man....Boston is mising something that only California has to offer...its ineffable, but evident.

good luck in Florida man ill be cheering for you from the cold of Boston baby!

goshNICOLE said...

It was nice to see you again last friday. SD loves you. <3

Hopefully you guys find a drumset in time for the show and that you have a blast. I wish I could go!

Miss you already, so come to SD again sometime soon, yeah? [:

sophianerarie said...

yaay finalyy!!:D
I really checked like every daY!! ... I know i'm grazy!!
good to hear the shows were cool! and good luck on the coming shows!
lots of warm greetings!!.. maybe it helps to keep your toes warm in boston weather ^^ okay never mind i'm laim..
I love you

cheryl said...

AWW you were in chino & i missed you!
:[ oh well, hope to see you soon!
I'll be glad to hear more from the AJ Rafael Band :DDDDD
Love, Cheryl

Anika said...

This is probably irrelevant to anything you've said in this blog, but I just want to let you know that you are truly talented.

I heard of you quite recently through a friend from our Filipino group here in DC, and it's inevitable that we end up getting the whole community behind you. It's ridiculous how much you, Gabe, and Passion have impacted us musically. We find ourselves having jam sessions involving all your songs, and getting frustrated when we can't find chords xD But it's all good. Patience is a virtue, and absence makes the heart grow fonder =]

To bring this back to your post (and I apologize for the randomness), it's been a while since I've been back to Cali. I was born there, but moved at such a young age to even appreciate its character. Haha one of the first things I thought of was actually missing the In-N-Out's.

I'm refraining from ending this with something cliche like 'Keep up the good work' or 'you inspire me' because I'm sure you get that a lot.

So, in short, we can't wait to hear you play. We all here in the VA, DC, & MD area are anticipating on that concert at GMU coming up, and hope it doesn't sell out too quickly in time for us to get ourselves some tickets.

Happy belated, and congrats with the band name! Don't be a stranger to DC =]


Angel said...

You played at Diamond Bar? dammm
lol next time go to Rowland :D right next to Diamond :D come visit and play yeah? :D

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