Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i need your help!

i'm producing a concert along with some of my friends RB, Dustin, & Krissy and we need help with sponsorships.

Here is the synopsis of the mission of MUSIC SPEAKS!

About MUSIC SPEAKS: The Mission
By AJ Rafael & Jasmine Rafael
"Music Speaks" has an important mission, aiming to spread awareness about Autism, and encourage action that would improve the conditions of the lives and families that it affects. A personal experience that inspired this goal is when my nephew, Nathan, was diagnosed with Autism when he was about two years old. Despite his condition, Nathan is a loving, fun, and active child who is very responsive to all of us, and is born with the love of music and dance. The more we love and watch over Nathan as he grows older, the more frustrating it can be knowing that his peers will never fully understand his situation, and these misunderstandings could lead to prejudice and pain for him throughout his life. "Music Speaks" means utilizing the gifts of Music and Dance to inspire those fortunate enough to be born without autism to speak out for those who were, by being aware of their condition and taking action towards improving their living conditions and perhaps even uncovering the mystery behind its cause.

this concert benefits Autism Speaks, a charity dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism.

please spread the word.

The event is a 2-day event: August 28th and 29th, 2009.

August 28th will be the main event called MUSIC SPEAKS! featuring the AJ Rafael Band, MVCC, and other amazing acts! and the 29th will be a follow-up entitled MUSIC SPEAKS: unplugged (featuring acoustic performances by Melissa Polinar, Cathy Nguyen & More)

here's the Sponsorship Letter link!

thanks so much! and if you need any other information or anything like that, message me on myspace or email ajrafaelmusic@gmail.com with "MUSIC SPEAKS" as the subject.

love you all,


Anonymous said...


cheryl said...

Sounds like an awesome show!

aulanx said...

thats pretty deep..
same place as feel the beat right?

Kristen said...

aug 28 = my birthday =]

this sounds awesome!!

Kathyyy said...

That's amazing, my old classmate is autistic. I don't know how hard it is for him but I can only imagine. You're doing such a great thing!

That Kid said...

diggin the page
Follow my blog and ill return the favor.

Veera said...
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Veera said...

Hey AJ,
I just found your blog from listening your youtube songs.
I red that post about you leaving Boston and listened your song "little piece of home" and I just got tears in my eyes.
You're so talented and blessed to have a voice like that.
You're such an inspiration, keep it going !

S. said...

Hi AJ, im from Brasil, and i really like your music. i've listened at youtube, and i'll send to all my friends. (sorry about my english).

Hugs n Kisses

Megan said...

still working on nestle. i told dustin that i'll keep him updated =]